Planning & Zoning Division

The interactive City of Sycamore Zoning Map can be used to determine the zoning of a property as well as geographic information system (GIS) data. This map will be updated by DeKalb County on a monthly basis, so recent consolidations or rezoning may not be immediately reflected.

City of Sycamore Unified Development Ordinance (UDO)

The City of Sycamore's Unified Development Ordinance is intended to serve as a guide for preserving and perpetuating the unique character of the City of Sycamore. It addresses various topics regarding the development and use of land in Sycamore. The primary purpose of this Unified Development Ordinance is to provide minimum regulations necessary to facilitate safe and orderly growth, and to implement the goals, objectives and policies of the Sycamore Comprehensive Plan. This ordinance will ensure that growth is an integral part of the community and contributes to the formation of compatible neighborhoods and a vital town centers. It will contribute to a community identity to promote civic awareness and responsibility; and it will ensure the greatest possible economic and social benefits for all Sycamore residents and businesses.

To these ends, the Unified Development Ordinance, and related maps, illustrations and diagrams have been prepared with due consideration of future growth; the promotion of a coherent neighborhood-scaled built environment which respects local and regional architecture; the promotion of an integrated and balanced transportation system based on pedestrian, transit and automobile use; the adequate provision of water and sewer infrastructure, schools, parks, and other public necessities; and the preservation and enhancement of the natural environment through the protection and restoration of floodplain, forests, wetlands and careful landscaping of the public realm.