Building Division

Construction worker watching crane lower part of roof onto house under construction

The structural integrity of buildings and the safety of building occupants are paramount concerns of the Building Division.  In overseeing building activity, this Division issues permits for residential and commercial new construction, alterations, remodeling, additions, renovations, decks, sheds, patios, fences, solar panels, and other miscellaneous construction repairs.  These permits are generally issued after approvals from the appropriate inspectors, Zoning, Engineering, Public Works, Fire, and the DeKalb County Health Department.  The Division's inspectors conduct inspections throughout and at the end of construction, and upon successful completion of certain building projects the department issues certificates of occupancy.  As required, the Division responds to a variety of general inquiries about building permits, provides ordinance interpretation, conducts initial review and acceptance of all permit applications, schedules and conducts inspections, and assists the City's Code Enforcement Officer with ensuring compliance to all property maintenance codes.

The Division's most important responsibility involves guiding and managing the development, construction, and use of property in a manner that maximizes the positive benefits for all of Sycamore, while at the same time minimizing the negative impacts on the use and enjoyment of individual properties.  Recent history in Sycamore has shown that coordinated, quality, managed land use and development attracts additional private investment to the City, enhances the value of existing properties within it, and makes the City of Sycamore a more desirable place to live and conduct business.

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