Investigations & Support Services Division

Investigations consists of one Investigations Sergeant, two general case detectives, two school resource officers and one detective assigned to focus on intelligence and drug activity. Investigations specializes in complex criminal cases ranging from thefts, burglaries and frauds to complex sexual assaults. Members apply advanced investigative skills and techniques to these cases beyond the normal capacity of the patrol unit while serving on various committees, boards, and multi-disciplinary teams in partnership with the Child Advocacy Center. Investigators are also assigned to the DeKalb County Major Crimes Task Force, a multi-jurisdictional task force activated for serious and manpower-intensive criminal investigations. The narcotics/targeted crime investigator focuses on narcotics investigations and collaborates with other area narcotics units. The investigator also lends investigative assistance to the other investigators when special circumstances require focused attention on a particular problem. These include general cases, alcohol and tobacco compliance checks, sex offender management and FOID Compliance.

Support Services consists of one Sergeant, who supervises the evidence officer, two part-time parking enforcement officers, and ten crossing guards. Also, within the division is the Records Manager and one part-time records clerk who maintains the organization and integrity of all documents as well as processes Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. The Support Services Sergeant facilitates the administrative adjudication system. Investigations and Support Services are led by a Deputy Chief.