Sycamore Police Department

Sycamore Police truck driving down street

Welcome to the Sycamore Police Department's website, brought to you by the men and women of the Sycamore Police Department. The Sycamore Police Department is located at 535 DeKalb Avenue, in Sycamore, Illinois.

Our authorized 34 sworn officers provide police protection to a city of 18,580 residents and a land area of approximately 9.7 square miles. The Sycamore Police Department is committed to providing professional law enforcement and public safety services to all citizens of and visitors to our city.

I invite you to read our most recent Annual Report to learn more about our department.

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Jim Winters, Chief of Police


  1. Sergeant Ryan Hooper

    Ryan Hooper


    Ward 1 Representative

  1. Sergeant Dan Wojcik

    Dan Wojcik


    Ward 2 Representative

  1. Sergeant Sharon Anderson

    Sharon Anderson


    Ward 3 Representative

  1. Sergeant Justin Kness

    Justin Kness


    Ward 4 Representative


Administrative Tow Warning

A motor vehicle, operated with permission, express or implied, that is used in connection with violations set forth in section 6-1-9A of the City Code, shall be subject to seizure and impoundment, and the owner of record of that motor vehicle will be liable to the City for a five hundred dollar ($500) administrative penalty in addition to any towing and storage fees.