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Waste Collection Day Change

REMINDER:  September 10 – (next week):  Changes for Waste Collection will take effect for some Sycamore residents.   Residents currently scheduled for Tuesday will have their pick-up moved to Friday.  Most residents currently serviced on Monday will remain the same, but some will move to Thursday.      During that week,  Waste Management will pick up both the old day (either Monday or Tuesday) and the new day (either Thursday or Friday) that week.

Please CLICK HERE to identify your service day.

Please note that all impacted residents will receive a postcard from Waste Management about 2 weeks prior to the change informing them of their new collection day.  Residents that will continue with Monday pickup WILL NOT receive a postcard.  As a reminder for all residents, items for collection may be placed at the curb after six o’clock (6:00) P.M. on the day before the scheduled pick up. Residents must remove containers from the curb by eight o’clock (8:00) P.M. on the day of collection.

The map below outlines the affected areas.  Sycamore Waste Collection Day Change