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Street Maintenance Update – June 14, 2019

Roadway Construction Update

After an extremely wet spring, roadway construction should start next week.   This year’s project includes a combination of mill and overlay along with rehabilitation and preservation.

Elliott and Wood will start concrete work within the Fox Pointe subdivision.

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CAM Midwest will start applying pavement rejuvenator during the week of June 17th.  Their tentative plan is to start within the North Grove Crossing Subdivision and then proceed to the central area of Sycamore, followed by Krpan’s Parkside, and finally Krpan’s Thanks America industrial subdivision. The contractor will place “NO PARKING”, “ROAD CONSTRUCTION AHEAD” and “FRESH OIL” signs at the limit of construction and prior to the start of work. Please refer to THIS NOTICE for additional information including project scope and locations.

Please contact Mark Bushnell, City Engineer with any questions or comments.  He can be reached via email or by phone at 815-895-4557.