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Sewer Smoke Testing

Sanitary sewer smoke testing started Wednesday October 16th and is scheduled to run through Friday October 18th.  This is limited to the areas on the map below and will start on the north side of IL Route 64.

Previous notifications have been sent to residents and businesses via standard mail.  These same businesses and residents will receive an individual door hanger at least one day prior to testing in their area.

This process involves the introduction of non-toxic smoke into the sanitary sewer system to check for leaks and illicit connections. 

You may see white non-toxic smoke within the project limits when testing crews are present.  This smoke may be leaking from manholes, cracks in the street, drains and other locations.

Neither the City or the testing company will need access to your home.  In the unlikely event that smoke enters your home please note that it is non-toxic and will not leave any residue.  Opening windows will allow the smoke to quickly dissipate.   Please follow the instructions on the attached flyer.

Emergency personnel including fire, police, and 911 services have been notified of testing.

Please refer to the attached flyer or following website for more information

Should you have any questions, contact information for the City and testing company can be found on the attached flyer.

Thank you.