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Operations Division

Operations Division

The Operations Division consists of a Deputy Chief, four (4) sergeants and seventeen (17) officers who provide twenty-four-hour service to the community.  Patrol is divided into 4 teams; 2 that work day shift and 2 that work night shift. The teams work 12-hour shifts that rotate at 6:00 am and 6:00 pm. Each team is comprised of 4-5 patrol officers and 1 supervising sergeant, who reports to the Deputy Chief.

The main responsibilities of a Sycamore patrol officer include:

➢ Detect and deter criminal activity

➢ Respond to emergency calls for service, including crimes in progress and medical emergencies

➢ Respond to non-emergency calls for service, including crimes that already occurred

➢ Investigate reported crimes and apprehend offenders

➢ Enforce traffic laws and increase traffic safety

➢ Investigate traffic crashes and find ways to reduce traffic problems

➢ Enforce city ordinances

➢ Assist with anything from opening a locked car door to helping a mentally ill person

➢ Engage in community outreach

➢ Find ways to improve the quality of life for our citizens and visitors

The Operations Division also oversees Auxiliary Officers, the Police Explorers, patrol officers designated as Elderly Care liaisons and Crisis Intervention trained officers.