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Liquor Control Changes

Approved City Liquor Control Changes will take effect on May 1.  To view the complete ordinance text please click HERE. Below is a summary of the significant changes:

In March, the City Council approved comprehensive changes to the City’s Liquor Control Chapter of the City Code in an effort to streamline the process, ensure standardized training for all license holders and their employees and align with Illinois law and current practices.   The updates also include a modification of the license fees effective with renewals beginning May 1st.  While this section of the code has been modified on an as needed basis, this marks the first comprehensive review and fee modification since 2003.  A brief summary of some of the changes are outlined below. 


Each local liquor license issued under this Chapter shall terminate on April 30 following the date of issuance.


1.  Initial License Fee: Standardize the initial license fee to two thousand five hundred dollars for all applicants. 

2.  Class A: Restaurants: $1,750 Annual Fee.

3.  Class B: Bar: $2,000 Annual Fee. 

4.  Class C: Club:  $1,750 Annual Fee. 

5.  Class D: Package Goods: $1,750 Annual Fee. 

6.  Class E: Recreation: $1,750 Annual Fee for Bowling Alley and Golf Course; $1,250 Annual Fee for the Theater.

7.  Class F: Beer and Wine Sales off the Premises: $1,500 Annual Fee. 

8.  Class G: One Day Licenses: $50 Annual Fee.

9.  Class H: Beer or Wine Brewed on Premises: $750 Annual Fee.

10.  Class I: BYOB: $250 Annual Fee. 

11. Class J: Sports Complex:  $2,500 Initial Application Fee/$1,500 Annual Fee

12. Class K; Special Event: New License-$500 Annual Fee

13. Class VG: Video Gaming Café: $2,000 Annual Fee.

3-2-6-D: HOLIDAYS: Add New Language:

Holidays: Any class licensee under this chapter may serve or sell liquor as defined in their license the Wednesday before Thanksgiving from six o’clock (6:00) A.M. until one o’clock (1:00) A.M. on Thanksgiving Day.  Any class licensee under this chapter operating during the change in time under Daylight Savings must adhere to the time to which the time changes.


Merges the Outdoor and Catered Special Events to streamline the process.

3-2-17: BASSET TRAINING: Add New Language:

It shall be the duty of every licensee to require their officers, associates, members, representatives, agents, or any employee who sells, gives, oversees, or delivers alcoholic liquor or beverages to be trained and certified by the Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training program (BASSET), licensed and administered by the State of Illinois Liquor Control Commission.  Further, BASSET training and certification shall be a prerequisite to the issuance of local liquor licenses.  It shall be the duty of the Local Liquor Commissioner to notify all licensed holders and persons making application for a license of this requirement.  BASSET verification must be made available upon request and files indicating BASSET training shall be maintained on-site of every licensee.