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Single family homes permitted as of August 31, 2022

Community Development


The Community Development Department’s mission is to provide professional assistance in planning, development and construction by adopting and enforcing current codes and standards in a uniform and unbiased manner in order to establish and maintain a safe, healthy and attractive community for all residents and business owners.  This is accomplished through planning, directing and implementing growth and economic development in conjunction with the Sycamore Comprehensive Plan and Unified Development Ordinance.

Community Development is compromised of:

Building Division:  The Building Division issues permits for residential and commercial/industrial new construction, additions, renovations and alterations to existing buildings, accessory structures, decks, fences, signs, sheds, etc.  The Building Division also performs all building inspections and enforces all zoning regulations within the City.

Code Enforcement Division: The Code Enforcement Division enforces the Property Maintenance Code to ensure public health, safety and welfare for city residents.

Zoning Division:  The Zoning Division is concerned with the planning, development, maintenance, and implementation of the Comprehensive Plan, Municipal Code, and Unified Development Ordinance.  These functions are handled by the City Manager and the Director of Community Development.