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Mayor & Council

Steve Braser

Steve Braser Mayor 

Phone: 815-895-4517  Email: email

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Alan Bauer First Ward Alderperson

Phone: 815-766-1300  Email: email

Josh Huseman First Ward Alderperson

Phone: 815-757-7402  Email: email

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 9.36.03 AM

Chuck Stowe Second Ward Alderperson

Phone: 815-739-5558  Email: email

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 9.37.05 AM

Pete Paulsen Second Ward Alderperson

Phone: 815-909-5686  Email: email

Jeff Fischer Third Ward Alderperson

Phone: 815-751-2838  Email: email

Nancy Copple 
Third Ward Alderperson

Phone:  815-899-2516  Email: email

David Stouffer – Fourth Ward Alderperson

Phone: 815-970-4512  Email: email

Virginia Sherrod – Fourth Ward Alderperson

Phone: 815-508-9446  Email: email

Finance Committee:

  • Alan Bauer (Chairperson)
  • Nancy Copple
  • Pete Paulsen
  • Josh Huseman
  • Chuck Stowe

Public Safety Committee:

  • Pete Paulsen (Chairperson)
  • Alan Bauer
  • Steve Braser
  • David Stouffer
  • Virginia Sherrod

Public Works Committee:

  • Chuck Stowe (Chairperson)
  • Steve Braser
  • Nancy Copple
  • Virginia Sherrod
  • Josh Huseman

Not sure what ward you live in? Click here to view the Sycamore Ward Map (PDF).