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Water Services – The City continues to update our water service material inventory and identify candidates for future lead water service replacement projects. If you are uncertain of your water service material, please complete the online survey at   .

After it is submitted, the City of Sycamore may need to complete an onsite inspection. Provided it is eligible, the City will help add you to a list for future lead service replacement project(s). This work will be completed as funding becomes available, but done at no cost to the homeowner.

Please contact the City of Sycamore Public Works Department 815-895-3545 with any questions.

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Utility/Water Billing will be located at the Sycamore Center (308 W. State Street) starting May 3rd , 2022.   Drop Boxes are available at the Sycamore Center and Public Works (475 North Cross Street).   Any cash or in-person credit/debit card payments must be made at the Finance Office located on the first floor of the Sycamore Center.

Online payments can be made at:

The City encourages residents/ businesses to enroll in the Direct Debit Payment Option

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Lead Water Service Replacement Project Phase 2: The City is completing the final steps to secure $4,000,000 in funding from Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA). These funds will be used for the next phase of the LWSRP. If you are uncertain of your water service material please complete the online survey at . The City is in the process of adding homes to be completed with the next round of funding. This project provides a new water service from the main to the meter (inside the home) at no cost to the homeowner.

The first Lead Water Service Replacement Project is drawing to a close as the City closes in on the limit of available funds. Crews continue patching and restoration.

In the Sabin, Exchange and State Street areas the contractor is switching the Services on IL Route 64 watermain. Work will continue on Sabin and Exchange Streets with final completion scheduled for mid -October.

Crews are completing the punchlist work within the Landahl and Townsend Woods area. All work will be reinspected prior to closeout. Microsurfacing is currently out to bid for these same areas. This pavement preservation process was previously used in Fox Pointe and Reston Ponds.

Work continues at Water Tower 1. The contractor continues structural improvements as well as interior work since the tower has been temporarily drained. The tower will be painted with the same color scheme as the north tower.

Videos of the progress can be viewed on the following links.

Drone Video 1 – July 22, 2022

Drone Video 2- July 22, 2022

Slideshow – July 22, 2022

The City continues to provide updates on the status of these projects via our website and social media accounts. Please use the following LINK for more information regarding each project. Residents and businesses with more direct impacts may receive additional notifications.

Please contact the Public Works Engineering Division at 815-895-4557 with any questions. Thank you for your patience as we work to improve our community’s infrastructure.

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