How does the City of Sycamore treat the water?
  • Sycamore uses a Water Remediation Technology (WRT) filter system at four of the City wells to remove radium and barium to meet levels as mandated by the EPA.  These are naturally occurring compounds and consistent with water from deep wells.
  • Phosphate, fluoride, and chlorine are added.
    • Phosphate does not remove iron, but it keeps it in solution to minimize discoloration.  It also coats the interior of metal pipes to prevent corrosion.
    • Fluoride is added to promote development of strong teeth.
    • Chlorine is added for disinfection.
  • In 2024, the City will begin construction on a new treatment system for Well 7.  This new system will utilize hydrous manganese oxide (HMO).  This treatment involves the addition of a chemical to precipitate radium (and iron) then pass through a filter for removal.

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