Are there any exemptions for Sycamore residents?

Yes. If you have been a resident within corporate limits of the City of Sycamore for 12 consecutive months prior to purchasing homestead property within the City of Sycamore, you are eligible to receive an exemption. You will need to complete the Certificate of Exemption Form (PDF), which can be done in the Sycamore Finance Office.

However, in order to receive an exemption, you will need to show proof of residency for the prior 12 months. This proof can be in the form of two utility bills (one current and one older), two bank statements, a tax bill, etc. Each item should show your name, Sycamore address, and a date.

Please note that no commercial property will qualify for a transfer tax exemption.

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8. Are there any exemptions for Sycamore residents?
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