Water Division

Consumer Confidence Reports

Water Quality Testing & Reporting

The City of Sycamore complies with all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sampling and testing standards. The results of tests confirm that the City of Sycamore water meets or exceeds all EPA drinking water requirements and is safe for consumption.

The purpose of this page is to increase transparency regarding testing procedures and results for residents and consumers within the City of Sycamore's water distribution system.

Monthly IEPA Operating Reports

Additionally, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) website provides online access to all City water testing results. Please contact the Water Division at 815-895-3545 with any questions.

Lead is not found in the City of Sycamore's source groundwater. The City of Sycamore utilizes corrosion control treatment by the addition of a phosphate blend to the water at the individual Well sites.

The City of Sycamore, as with all municipal water systems, is required to conduct lead and copper sampling per the EPA's Lead and Copper Rule.  The City of Sycamore meets all the requirements of the Lead and Copper Rule.  Residents can view information on lead in drinking water and the EPA's Lead and Copper Rule at the following links:

The City is responsible for the watermain, valves, hydrants and treatment. Residents are responsible for the service line and all internal plumbing materials, fixtures and connections.

Per the City's Municipal Code:

8-2-6: Repairs or Replacement; Excavations:

Responsibility: All repairs for or replacement if water service pipes from point of connection to the city water main to the building shall be made by and at the expense of the owners of the premises served. The city may, in case of emergency, repair any service pipes and if this is done, the cost of such repair work shall be repaid to the city by the owner of the premises served.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Public Works Department at 815-895-3545.

Water Infrastructure Improvement Projects

The City of Sycamore continues to invest in water infrastructure improvement projects funded with water infrastructure fees (Ordinance No. 2020.15) and amounts obtained from government grants and low interest loans.  A list of recent projects and costs can be found below:

2020Well 6 - Pulling and Pump Replacement (Began October 2019)$225,000
Tower 1 - Inspection and Design Services (KLM)$10,600

2020 Total:  $235,600
2021Tower 1 - Repairs (JetCo)$49,500
Design Engineering - Watermain Replacement at Sabin / Exchange / Route 64 / Governor$104,000
Engineering Consulting Services - Phase 1 Lead Service Replacement Program (LSRP)$9,800

2021 Total:  $163,300
2022Watermain Replacement & Inspection: Sabin / Exchange / Route 64 / Governor (Master Plan Project #5)$2,750,000
Tower 1 - Painting, Maintenance, and Installation of Mixer$1,400,000
Design Engineering - Watermain Replacement at Elm Street (Trotter and TSC)$88,000
Phase 1 - Lead Service Replacement Program$1,550,000
Lead Service Replacement, in conjunction with Watermain Improvements on Route 64$40,000

2022 Total:  $5,828,000