Public Education

Education Opportunities

The Sycamore Fire Department provides a variety of public education activities. Those activities include:

  • Fire station tours
  • Presentations to various civic or social groups
  • Annual fire prevention presentations to all local grade schools in October during Fire Prevention Month
  • Participation at various fairs or special events

Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention

The Sycamore Fire Department in conjunction with the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance is dedicated to reducing the frequency and severity of the tragedy and trauma caused by children and their fire-related activities.

The Sycamore Fire Department has specially trained members that are certified through the State of Illinois and follow a set procedure/format which is used to grade and evaluate the juvenile's specific case. The program is for the most part voluntary in nature. However, there are some cases that are sent to us through the State's Attorney's office, which are part of a court order required to complete sentence requirements or probation. The program is based on a four-meeting process with the juvenile, parents and the Juvenile Firesetter Interventionist. The goal of the intervention is to educate the juvenile and parents to make them aware of the dangers involved when playing with fire. All information obtained during the intervention is confidential.

For more information please contact us at 815-895-4514 or visit the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance Website.

Safety Tips