Airport Road Bike/Pedestrian Pathway

The City of Sycamore recently received a STU (Surface Transportation Urban) Grant to construct a pedestrian path from the existing Great Western Trail to the Sycamore Park Sports Complex.  Currently pedestrians and bicyclists travel south along the shoulder of Airport Road to access the park.    The goal of the project is to provide a safer route to and from the Great Western Trail to the Complex and link to other trails.  The project will consist of pavement striping, signage and the construction of a 1,100 linear foot path extension through Sycamore Park District property.  The proposed pathway will be in the open space located between the existing softball fields and Airport Road, resulting in minimal impact to the existing facility.  The City would like to thank the Park District for their cooperation and assistance with this project.


This is an opportunity for the public to review and comment on the effects of the project on the activities, features, and attributes that qualify the Sycamore Community Sports Complex for protection under Section 4(f).


To view the preliminary plan, please click here.


Please forward any questions or comments to Mark Bushnell, City Engineer via email at